the state of the gardens

Spring has finally sprung in our neighborhood. It's such a relief after facing the winter that would not end. We have been outside in full force, soaking up every drop of sunlight, delighting in each new shoot of green that claws it's way to the surface.

So here's what's new...

The first round of daffodils have bloomed (I have several varieties that bloom at different times). I swore up and down I wasn't going to cut a collection for the table. I made it to about 9 am on the day after my first blooms opened up before some of my lovelies made their way indoors.
It always amazes me at how quickly things shoot up in the spring. You can practically hear the peonies growing. I swear these things are an inch taller than they were last night.

Last but not least we have our little squills. These little wildflowers were reclaimed from my woods, and now live in my hosta patch. Aren't they cute?

We're so happy you're back.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another thing to like about you! Gardening makes me smile!! Judy


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