Our Russian Adventure part 2 - St Petersburg

Our first stop on our Russian adventure was St. Petersburg. We were pleasantly surprised with 60 degree temps and tons of sunshine. We ended up spending 2 days here one before we went to see Max and one after. On our first day we took a driving tour. We hired a tour guide through the travel agency connected to our adoption agency. Our guide, Alex, drove us all over town and explained a lot of the local history. She even took us to lunch at this sweet little Russian - Swiss cafe, and acted as our translater the entire time. Hiring a private tour guide isn't something we would normally do, but it wasn't that expensive, and she totally earned every cent we paid her.

(random hard to identify cathedrals)

She took us to countless cathedrals (all of which were stunning), a handful of historically important buildings (all of which I promptly forgot why they were so important. Thank you google for straitening it all out), and pointed out a handful of statues. Those Russians, they love a good statue, they were everywhere we went.

(Statue in front of St. Isaac's cathedral)

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