Our Russian Adventure part 6 - Literacy

Or perhaps the lack of.
Russia uses the Cyrillic alphabet, so not only could we not speak to anyone, we couldn't read any of the signs either. That doesn't mean we didn't try. A plus P (which really says R) plus crazy symbol we don't have in the U.S... We tried to sound out some of the words with a copy of the alphabet we had with us, but since we didn't know what the word meant in the end, it was kind of a pointless endeavor.
This was my first experience as an adult with illiteracy. Searching for meaning in those crazy symbols and finding none. The teacher in me hated it. Hated knowing that it was a very real problem for millions of people across the globe. Wanting to go on a global crusade against it, but knowing that's not really a realistic goal for my life. But I promise to do my part if you promise to do yours. I would love if someone could translate this plaque for me... I think it gives some historical information about a little statue I saw it Arkhangelsk...

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