the state of the gardens - may

We've had a healthy dose of sunshine this week, and our garden is responding nicely. Everywhere I look I have new growth and sweet surprises. The apple trees are blooming, and so is my wild geranium. The irises are starting to reveal their buds, and the dill volunteers from last years garden are plentiful.

We are working on getting the seeds into the ground. The cosmos, zinnias, oregano, and chives are all in. Hopefully I'll get to the tomatoes, onions, and delphinium in before too much longer. The pumpkins can wait until all those are in. Last week I managed to plant 20 trees, most of them were lilacs, but it seems like there was something else mixed in with them... (hopefully my mom will chime in to tell us all what they were, since she's the one who gave them to me...) I planted them all on the "wild" side of my yard where things grow slightly unruly and I'm ok with that. I'm hoping they'll all grow together and make an awesome hedge.

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