We're outta here!

We’re off on a great adventure! Jory and I are on our way to visit our little Max in Russia! We will not actually be going to his orphanage (for political reasons), but he will be brought to us in the town we are staying in.

Please pray for:
our safety in traveling,
the sanity of my parents who are going to wrangle the children while we are gone,
and our hearts as it will surely be very difficult to come home without our son.
The security of our house, which was recently broken into (although there’s not much left of any value…)


Shelley Davis said...

Elissa I will be your prayer warrior while you are gone! I can't believe they no longer allow you to go to the kids orphanages. I tell you that is where you really get a picture of your child and the life they have had to endure.

Have a wonderful trip! Your mom is better with kids than 99% of people I know. You need not worry about her sanity. Now if she had my kids....:)

May GOD's gentle hand be upon you as you travel and hold you son.

Love and blessings,

elissa said...

it's just this specific orphanage. It's too close to a military base for us to visit. We aren't even allowed to go in the town where the orphanage is. Frankly I see it as a blessing. It would break my heart to see all those little faces and know there was nothing I could do to help.


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