A day on the farm...

On Memorial Day our dear friends called and invited us on a field trip to a working dairy not far from here. I jumped at the chance to do something a little different, and to squeeze in a few more golden moments with some friends who totally "get" us.

And so we went.

Jory says: Really? cows? I hate cows.
Kids say: What's that smell?

Mama says: stop whining and let me take your pic.

And just for the record, if your wife is holding a camera, you might not want to do this...

you just never know when it'll come back to haunt you.

Stay tuned for the rest of our adventure that happens to include a place Jory happens to dislike even more than he dislikes cows.

1 comment:

Dad said...

Honkers and Babies!!! And of course you remember the book "Andrew B., Pigboy", right? Do we need to amend the title?


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