Our Russian Adventure part 8 - Winding down

First of all, I just want to thank everyone who has been following the story of our adventures in Russia over the last week and a half (there were over 700 of you! Wow!) Today our story ends for now, but before we go, I have few more tidbits to share. I have a handful of pictures and a selection of resources that Jory and I have used to learn about the culture ourselves, and some books my children devoured in the process.

Ok, so I got these books for the kids (for homeschooling of course) but I really learned a lot from them. Picture books are a fabulous thing...

(The Church of Sts. Isidor and Nicholas in St. Petersburg)

These are nonfiction...
Russia: The People (Lands, Peoples, & Cultures)
Spotlight on Russia (Spotlight on My Country)
Russia (True Books)

(cool lamp post in front of St. Isaac's cathedral - St. Petersburg)

(The Angel on top of the Alexander column)

This is the book that Jory read to prepare for our trip: Cultureshock! Russia: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette it came in handy more than once.

Sadly in most movies, the Russians are the bad guys. We're sort of working our way through as many movies where the Russians are the good guys as we can. Here are some we've seen recently...
Dr. Zhivago

And we haven't watched this yet, but I'm hoping my girls will like it.
The Magic of Russian Ballet

(cool buggy outside the Winter Palace in St. P'burg)

And last but not least... music.
Peter and the Wolf (one of my childhood favorites)
Russia's Most Beautiful Songs

The Russians have such a beautiful culture and heritage, we have enjoyed drinking in as much of it as we can. I hope you'll take a moment to unpack some of the treasures the Russians have to share with you.

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