Letter to Alex

Dear Alex,
9 years ago today, you changed my life forever. Ever since day one you have been a sweet, even tempered little guy who is just a joy to have around. It's fun to look back through the pictures of this last year and see just how your personality has developed.
I can tell that you love Jesus very much, the fruit of your faith is obvious and abundant. This year you've really developed a thirst for memorizing scripture. I think you memorized almost every single verse your Sunday School teachers gave you, with little to no help from us. Whats even better is that each time you earned a reward for memorizing a certain number of verses, you gave your treat away. Every single time. A mom like me could learn a lot from a little guy like you.
You are thoughtful and compassionate. Kind and gentle. You love little kids, and are quick to play with just about anyone, no matter their age. You are going to be an awesome Dad. I pray that God would bless you with a whole houseful of little ones to love on.
You love to play Legos (especially with your best buddy, Jake), draw maps, and read. You are always making something, and it usually involves cardboard.
I can't wait for you to have a brother, someone who will always be on your team. Max couldn't ask for a more devoted and loyal brother.
Love, Mom
ps. your hair looks funny and your ears are falling off. *wink*

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Jen (emeraldsunshine.org) said...

Awwww!! That's so sweet! My youngest just turned five the other day and I'm shocked at how fast it is going. My oldest just had his seventh birthday. I'm enjoying every second that I can!


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