Whispers from the garden

Over the weekend I was Walking around in my garden. After I noticed all the tiny buds and other treasures my garden had to show me I stopped to listen to what my garden had to say to me. I have to admit, my plants make me chuckle.
I have dill growing in random places (that I'm quite sure I didn't plant) which is surely the result of the epic dill seed fight my kids had with their brother Max last summer. Oh Max and his dill. I have never met someone who could plop themselves in the garden and pick dill and eat it like candy. Now that I've been to Russia I understand the relationship. Next year there will be a large section of dill in the garden, just for him.
On a completely unrelated note, I also had a little conversation with my black eyed susans... the ones who are literally taking over each garden I put them in. It went something like this: You are not allowed to take over this garden too. You can have that one over there, but not this one. Really. You can't. I have no where to transplant you, and none of my friends want you. So just stop growing. I'm not kidding. If you don't watch it you're going to end up on the compost pile.
Am I the only one who talks to her plants? Probably not. I'm just the only one who records the conversation for other people to read.

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