Just Call us Sandy-Pants

Earlier this year my dad and I had to scrap a trip to the beach so that Jory and I could go to Russia. Although I was thrilled by the chance to go over and visit our son, there was definitely a sense of loss about that trip to the beach.
Fast forward to our recent trip to North Carolina.
When we were making our plans to go down for our friend's wedding, the fact that we would be a few hours from the beach was not lost on us. We put it on the list of possible options, knowing better than to get our hopes up.
Whaddya know, this time the stars alined and my children were able to meet the sea. Again. The last time we were there I had 2 in diapers. The waves were not fun. The salt tasted too icky. They weren't impressed.

5 years later it was a completely different story. This time they fully embraced the ocean and all it had to offer. The sand, waves, and shells were all treasures to rediscover. They've been to some local beaches on the lakes in our area, but this was a totally different animal.

And they were smitten.

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I'm glad you finally made it to the beach. I haven't been for about 11 years. I'm not sure if my kids would love it yet, but I think I still need to plan a trip!


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