Seeking Guest Posters

Hi friends!
Did you know that we are now in the process of accepting guest writers to post on our blog? We are specifically looking for people to share their insight on life, love and whatever. We are hoping to spend most of the month of September in RUSSIA finalizing our son's adoption, and will have an interesting relationship with the internet during that time. If you've always wanted to be a guest poster on someone else's blog this is your shot! See the tab under our header labeled "Be a Guest Writer" for our writers guidelines.

On a completely unrelated note, I wrote out our submission guidelines last night and then all night was plagued with dreams about the flood of article submissions I received and the anxiety of "oh no, what have I done! Now I have to read all these articles!" I was a little relieved to wake up to an empty box.
That said. Bring on the tidal wave of article submissions!

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Amanda said...

Do you have specific topics you or your readers are interested in?

I am always excited to see forever families come together and would love to help you with a guest post.

I have four adopted children who I blog about.. Along with parenting, fostering, crafting and life in general.


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