Garden Musings.......

Aside from the big brick party I had going on earlier this summer I've sort of been ignoring my garden. The weeds are more abundant than I'd like to admit, but there's enough good stuff going on out there that they're easy to overlook. Which I do, rather often. I might add. Overlook the weeds.
Our meadow is starting to look more like a proper meadow, and less like we're too lazy to mow our grass. It makes me happy. I'd like it more if my kids would stand in it so I could take their pictures I'd be just this much happier.
I have pumpkins growing out from under my back porch. Annie put a dead pumpkin out there last winter. Now I have a huge pumpkin patch. They'd make me happier if they weren't growing over my flowers.

I have 4 little gourds growing in my seriously overgrown veggie garden (aka meadow). They're so stinking cute.
Someone keeps stealing the blooms off of my sunflowers. I've lost 3 now. I blame the squirrels. I hate squirrels.



It looks good to me! We are thinking of growing pumpkins next year. Well, My idea is more like just a small patch, try it out kind of thing. the hubs and offspring seem to think we are going to be profited pumpkin farmers....we'll see

Jennie Louise said...

Im not green fingered like my mum is... she puts me to shame! But i do like to try to grow things. I've successfully mnaged chillis and tomatoes. ;-)
However Im sad that i forgot to put slug pelletts down at the base of my sunflowers and the slugs attacked one night.. ;-( they've now died.
lovely blog post. ;-)

Jennie Louise said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog hun, to tell you the trust I don't seem to be able to comment back (I cant see a way on my blog TO comment back to you.) ;-/ Oh dear. Would you consider giving my blog an official 'follow' and perhaps it will give me that option to reply back to you. Jennie. x


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