10 Things that Bring Joy

I wrote this list a few days ago, during a particular fit of the grumpies. Tired of the internal "why me" monologue, I found a quiet spot for myself and gave the grumpies a shove. After writing out a (rather long) list of list of things that bring frustration, I promptly deleted it and made this list instead.
Take that grumpies...

funny toddlers
children happily engaged with a project of their own design
warm fall days
cute gourds
a camera full of new photos
new possibilities
library day
things that are pretty
dinner in the crock pot
a playful attitude

What's on your list?

1 comment:

TC Avey said...

Wonderful list! I would have those on mine as well.
Things I would add (in no particular order):
comfy house
pets that love us
wonderful family and friends
bills paid
hardworking Christian husband
beautiful happy baby
good Church home
Living in a free country

Man it feels good to count my blessings instead of giving into the the frustrations of life! Thanks for the post!


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