Book Review - Taken

Last week we talked about one of Brock Eastman's new books HowlSage, this week we're talking about his other new book Taken.
Taken is an exciting futuristic tale about the four Wikk children who are on a quest to find out the truth about their parents kidnapping, and get to the bottom of the archeological secrets they may have uncovered. Their journey is full of fast paced chase scenes, mysterious blue men, and futuristic technology.
Mom says: Exciting? You bet. Eastman has risen to the challenge, and delivered another page turner. I appreciate how he can deliver an exciting book that isn't too scary for me to read to my elementary school aged children. While there were underlying tones of faith and honesty, the strong faith based element that I've come to expect from this author was weak at best. Personally, I was hoping for a little more. But since this is only the first of a five book series, perhaps the next few will have a stronger faith undertones.
Alex (9 years old) says: It got right to the adventure, which was good in my opinion. It wasn't hard to figure out what was going on, the beginning was easier to understand than the beginning of HowlSage was.  I think you should read it. Watch out for the Ubel!

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Brock Eastman said...

Elissa, thanks for the post. I think your conclusion is perfectly inline with where the story is headed. I like to call is a 'Seeker' book. And Alex I'm really glad you liked it, I hope you'll enjoy Risk when it comes out. We rev the action up even a bit more.


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