The future of Elissa Peterson Photography

For the last 15 months or so we have used photography as a means to fundraise for our adoption. Now that our adoption is complete, and the debt is mostly paid off the question becomes "now what?" Do we close the door on the project or go pro.

While a professional photographer salary would be really awesome right now (please don't look at my threadbare carpet and house that wasn't built for a family of 6) my role here is to put the needs of my children before my finances. So increasing my photographic workload isn't going to happen.

On the other other hand, there are a lot of people out there that we could help if I was making a little money. There are just too many starving people on this planet for me to hang up my camera strap and turn a blind eye.

So the short answer to the big question is "let it be what it is". We're hoping for more of a hobby job than a professional income. If you need photos, we will take them. We will continue to charge a fair professional price, with as much as half of it going to help support a local nonprofit that provides financial aid to orphanages in Max's home community in Russia, and other families in our community who are struggling to pay for their adoption. We will continue donating sessions to auctions and other good causes, and doing pro bono work when called for.

The bottom line is we have a lot of paying it forward to do, and we're hoping that you'll help us do just that.

Now. Who needs photos?

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