Getting to know him...

He's Max, the newest addition to the Peterson clan.
He likes just about everything - eating veggies, having school at home, chopping wood (eek!), etc... There's only one thing he doesn't really like - sitting still.
He's adjusting way better than we ever expected.
He has a gentle soul, and a heart for animals. 
He's stinkin cute, and knows how to work it.
He's part polar bear, and laughs at our "freezing" Ohio winters. I swear that kid has ice cubes in his blood. He's been known to wear t-shirts out in the snow when Mom's not looking.
He likes to pretend he doesn't understand English when I tell him not to pick on his sisters. He totally does. 
He's our little dude, and we're totally in love.


TC Avey said...

I'm so glad he is adjusting well! He is a miracle, so happy things have worked out. God is so good!

Kathy said...

Glad to hear that it's going well. We've been thinking of you... --Kathy


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