Merry making...

Nothing is more fun than introducing a new family member to your family traditions. What's more, introducing them to a 7 year old, who has no concept of family traditions, and who loves to try everything.
So here's what we've been up to this month... 
Decorate our house for Christmas - Check. But only with nonbreakables, and items with little sentimental value. Little dude still has temperamental moments, and there's no reason to tempt fate with Granny's irreplaceable glass nativity set.
Bake Christmas cookies - I'd say check, but is this ever really finished? I mean you make them and they never makes it through the holidays so you have to make more. But little dude loved every second of the first round we made.
Trip to the tree farm to cut down a tree for Grandma's house - Check. Did I mention that little dude's biological father was a lumberjack? This kid knows how to use a saw. Yeah, even without the petting zoo and the snacks we purchased the barn, there was no doubt in my mind that this tradition was going to be a hit.

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