10 about Max

1. Max met the climbing wall at the YMCA recently. Dude basically just used his upper body strength to pull himself to the top of the wall. Footholds were optional.
2. He has several new phrases this week, my two favorites were "McQueen" (as in Lightning McQueen) and "No, thank you".
3. The emotional breakdowns have all but disappeared, we're down from 3-4 a day, to 1-2 a week. He's also stopped taking out his aggression out on us and our possessions. The crashing, bashing, slamming, kicking, smashing rages have mostly disappeared.
4. Sadly he's still testing the limits of unconditional love. It's not so physical anymore, but more relational. He's started lieing, whining about chores, and picking on me mercilessly. His favorite trick is to ask me the same question ten times in a minute until I break down. One day last week he started asking me mercilessly about bathtime, and I managed to ignore his constant barrage for a good 5 hours before I finally lost it. No, he didn't get the bath.
5. The kid who used to eat everything we offered him now only wants Ramen noodles and hot dogs. He threw a fit the other day when I wouldn't fix them for both lunch and dinner.
6. Another one of his favorite activities is to wait until I'm working on the computer and come right up under my nose to play. As in driving his cars over my hands while I type. It sounds much cuter than it really is.
7. We're trying really hard to not use positive reinforcements with him. As in "if you behave we'll give you a treat". I didn't really use it with the other kids and they turned out just fine. It just seems counter productive to out ultimate goal of teaching him self discipline. Instead we're trying to use natural consequences. Which, yes is significantly more difficult than holding a carrot in front of his nose. 
8. Max met the Chinese buffet last week. Sushi was not his friend.
9. We had some gusty wind over the weekend when we were on our way to church. When a smallish gust hit him he ran to grab hold of the porch railings. I totally had to laugh. This is Ohio wind, not Arctic Circle wind. It won't knock you down, I promise.
10. Little dude is totally in to our Thomas Trains right now. Right now, he and the others are taking over my living room with train track. The best part, he has this little song he sings when he plays "A B C Choo-Choo" No idea where it came from but it is so. stinking. cute.

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