How to make a snowflake

Last fall we played a little game called how to make a pumpkin today we're going to play how to make a snowflake. My kids have made most of these, but there are a few new ones I just made up that we'll get around to making one of these days.

With beads: younger kids can use pipe cleaners, older ones can use craft wire. Take 3 pipe cleaners or wire pieces about 4 inches in length and twist them together in the middle. Keep twisting until the pieces don't wiggle anymore. String white, clear or silvery beads (pony beads work well for pipe cleaners) onto the spokes of your snowflake, when each spoke is full bend the end over so that the beads stay put.

With buttons: glue 3 popsicle sticks together in the shape of a snowflake. When snowflake is dry, glue on white buttons.

With salt / glitter: give your child a snowflake print out and have them draw on the lines with glue. Shake salt or glitter over the glue, and let dry.

Snowy scene (ok, not technically a snowflake but my kids loved this): cut a landscape scene from a magazine. Using white paint and a q-tip for a brush, have your youngster paint "snow" all over the scene.

With pretzel sticks: take a few pretzel sticks, and use melted chocolate as glue to get them to stick together at the middle. Drizzle melted chocolate over the finished product

With toothpicks: Use a mini marshmallow as your center point and stick toothpicks in randomly. Use more mini marshmallows and half toothpicks to make your spokes branch.

With q-tips: Use a bit of clay (or homemade salt dough) as your center point, cut your q-tips in half (or cut the soft tips off of one end to add length variety)  and poke your q-tip into the clay/dough ball

Have fun! and show us what you made!

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