Paid in full...

When we set out on our crazy adoption adventure we knew there was no way we could afford to complete the project without God's help. $35,000 plus travel expenses was unattainable at best. We also knew that God wasn't going to command us to do something, and not give us the resources to do it. So early on, with a lot of prayer, we laid down a financial plan that looked something like this:

- No borrowing money
- Elissa continues to put the children's needs before the family's finances (aka no part time job)
- we'll just pinch pennies and fundraise and the money (and clothing and furniture required for a new child) will come.

Then the floor fell out of our fundraising campaign when our church instituted a no fundraising plan.
So we were left with scraping pennies from Jory's modest income.
Sounds like a fantastic financial strategy, right?

We've talked before about the generous donation miracles that have occurred, and all the random people that have been touched by our story that have stepped up to the plate. You know who you are, thank you again.

As of this post we have not borrowed money. Elissa has done nothing more than a little freelance work, a little babysitting, and a whole lot of penny pinching. And our adoption debt has been paid in full.

Barring an unexpected agency fee (or homeowners emergency) we don't owe anything to anyone. We are debt free.

We did have to pinch pennies for a while after we returned home to rebuild our financial safety net. But as we begin February, our accounts are all settled up. Our savings, retirement, and nest egg accounts are all paid back, and we're good to go.

Can I get an Amen?

Now comes the fun part. By our best estimates we have $28,000 to pay forward. That's right, we're going to match every penny of what was donated to us to someone else who's neck deep in one of God's crazy schemes. And we can't wait to get started. Project "pay it forward" is a go.


Cathy said...

God is Good... ALL the time. We who are in on God's nutty schemes are all too aware of this. Amen and Amen and MANY praises to Him today for His work!

Chasity said...

This is FABULOUS and I am not in the least surprised. God showed Himself just as amazing in our own adoption journey this past year. When He called us out onto that path we not only had no way to fund it ourselves, but we had debt that we were working to pay off. Here we are just over one year later, our 2 simultaneous international adoptions were fully funded, God made a way with our own income to pay off 100% of our debts, and we've given more to other families, charities, etc this past year than ever before. We are determined to continue to give abundantly as God leads us. He is a faithfully amazing God. (sorry for the book) Would love for you to check out our journey, life and blog at www.allthingshis.com Blessings!

Beloved said...

Amen. I've learned that when you are intentional about believing God will provide, He shows up and shows out.
May God continue to bless and keep you and your family.
Peace and good.

Jamie said...

God is so Good! I am so happy for your family! It is wonderful to have reminders of how incredibly generous, faithful and creative our God is!


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