A year of firsts...

They say there's a first time for everything. Which is particularly true if you've spent most of your life with a parent who didn't invest in you, or an orphanage with very limited resources. One of my goals for the next year is to intentionally provide a new experience for little Max every day (if possible). Some experiences are better than others, but all are equally valuable.
It's been a joy to bring out some of my oldhat activities that my kids have done a million times and see a brand new reaction to them. Sorting buttons, stringing beads, rubber stamping, and basic cause and effect science experiments have all been such a delight to bring back. A small part of me mourns over the fact that no one ever handed my child a fist full of pipe cleaners and said "have fun!" but a bigger part of me rejoices that there are still firsts that God saved for me to witness.
One thing that has become rather apparent over the few weeks is that Max has had very few opportunities to create original artwork (as opposed to copying something someone else has made), nor has he had many opportunities to play with simple manipulatives like popsicle sticks. Neither of which are horribly critical, but a problem to be rectified none the less. I'm sort of a dork when it comes to exploratory play and discovering new ways to use old resources.

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