we are:
waiting: to be buried up to our elbows in white powdery snow. Some of us have our doubts for this winter, others are saying it ain't over till it's over.

hearing: the final stages of our transition from Russian to English. Little Max likes to tell us that he speaks English, not Russian. But funny enough he says these words in Russian

seeing: embracing the winter color pallete outside our windows. This year it is filled with earthy browns, greys and greens, and while we wish it was filled with white, silver and blue, we're finding there's still beauty in brown.

tasting: pelmeni by the boat load. If that's what you can call the crazy concoctions Jory dreams up. Maybe experiments in the shape of pelmeni would be a better definition of what we are eating.

dreaming: now that our debt is paid off, we can't help but daydream about handing fat checks to people who need a financial miracle of their own.

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