Road Tripper

We hadn't really planed on bringing Max out to the Peterson ranch in New Mexico until next summer. But there was a death in the family, and you don't really get to pick these things.
So we came.
22 hours in the car.
With a kid who doesn't really understand what's happening.
And you know what? He was awesome.
He needed to be reassured of where we were going several times during the drive, and that we weren't planning on leaving him at this new location. But for the most part he was a happy little camper tucked into the back seat with his brother, making origami yodas and listening to books on cd.

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Zsa Zsa said...

The longest time I have traveled in the car with my kids was five hours. They really behaved by I was so tense that something might go wrong. Nothing did and I will be more relaxed next time.


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