4 month check up

Has it really been four months since we brought little dude home from the Motherland?
As the weather has improved, and little Max has had the opportunity to be outside more, his behavior has improved dramatically. He still has the whiney attention seeking tendencies found in your typical toddler, but he's a tidge less whiney when he has the chance to ride bikes and fling mud. Ick. But whatever works.
So aside from the flying mud, here are some other fun things we've figured out this month:

Time outs. By himself. 5 minutes on his bed. No more mother/son wrestling matches trying to establish who's boss. Whew.

He has a new favorite phrase "I don't know." He likes to whip it out when he's trying to worm out of schoolwork. Cute, but I'm not buying it.

His Sunday school teachers say he's doing way better in class. Yahoo for little dude who recognizes that our rules apply even when we aren't around. Double whew.

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