I go with you.

It's nearly summer in this part of the country, and you know what that means?

It's time for support letters. If you are unfamiliar with the support letter, t's a tool used by high school and college kids to raise money to go on mission trips. I've sent a plethora myself, and now as a "grown up" I'm on the receiving end of just as many as I sent out. Perhaps more.

As a former support letter writer, I've always been happy to send a little to each inquiry. There was a small feeling of satisfaction that I was able to "pay forward" the investment that someone else had invested in me in the past. But that was just about the extent of my contribution. A quick check dropped in the mail, and then back to business as usual.

This year is different. This year as I send in my support checks I'm sending a piece of my heart along as well. My love, my prayers, my crazy dreams about taking over the world. All of it. I'm shoving everything into each little return envelope, and sealing them with cute little stamps and hand drawn smiley faces. 

There are days when I feel discouraged by my little home based ministry. My circle of influence feels so limited. My chances for taking the world by storm with my minivan and ballerina shoes feels slim to none. And yes, I'm embracing the opportunity to live vicariously through those called to a more interesting ministry than I am.

So to each person who sent me a support letter this year, thank you for letting me go with you. As you study turkish, and work with underpriveledged kids around the world, I go with you. Not just my meager financial contribution, but my hopes and dreams, my desire to stand up to injustice, and my love for Jesus. I pray that you feel empowered and enabled to do the work that I can't do.

Go get 'em. We got your back.

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