6 months in...

So yesterday I shared with you one of the lowest points in my life, our plane ride home from Russia with Max.  You know what happens when you face those low points, right? You pick yourself up with a little love and a lot of prayer. You dust yourself off, and babystep your way back to normal.

Since we brought Max home six months ago our lives have been a constant stream of babysteps leading us back to normal. From our first days together when he was so full of anxiety that all he could do was lay on the floor and cry. And I felt like I was holding him securely 24/7 so he couldn't hurt anyone or destroy anything. And I was just barely holding on to my own sanity because I got absolutely nothing accomplished besides being who Max needed me to be.

To the days in the middle, where the ugly orphanage behavior came out, and he needed to prove himself to us. He needed to be in control of the situation at all times, even though what he really needed most times was for his Mama to pull rank and make sure all members of the family felt love and respect.

To the days now, when he's finally starting to get what it means to be in a family. About how to treat the people you love. And finally we can make it through an entire day without any screaming or tears. Sometimes we get two or three in a row.

We're still playing two steps forward, one step back (okay sometimes it's ten steps back). But after six months I can look back and see where we came from. And see where we are headed. We are not going to be stuck in melt-down hell forever. He's not going to try to push all of our buttons, every minute of every day until we die. He is going to learn how to treat people with love and respect. He is going to learn how to communicate his worries and fears in a possitive manner so that we can help him work through his junk.

The sun is going to come out, the plane is going to land, and life is going to go on.

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Ugochi said...

Hi Elissa,
You did a beautiful thing and I know God will walk your whole family through these baby steps.
Found you on blog frog and now follow. Have a victorious weekend!
God's grace


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