This is so not ok with me.

So over the last month I've mentioned a few times that God has a lot to  show me about the planet I live on, but I haven't really gone into specifics about what I've learned. Mostly because I didn't want to sound like a cry-baby bleeding heart about problems I can't fix. But just because I can't fix them doesn't mean that I should do nothing. I can't know about these problems and shrug my shoulders any longer.

Since this is the final week of my crazy sugar-free project, I thought it was probably time to bring you all up to speed on a couple little things about planet Earth that just aren't ok in  my book.

Today's problem is one that makes my blood boil. The water crisis. It should be common knowledge that not all communities on earth have access to clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes. If you've looked past the end of your own nose for more than 2 seconds you may have noticed that 884 million people live without access to clean water, and many of those people spend hours each day collecting and carrying polluted water several miles. The majority of the people carrying the water are women and children. 

I think I knew that all along, but the impact of it never really settled in.

The reality of the situation is that every day 200 million work hours are devoted to carrying water. Today, millions of moms who are just like me will not care for their families, generate an income, or working to improve their standard of living, because they have to make another trip back to the water hole. Water is life, and if they don't go, they will die.

And that's not ok.

How many children will die today because of polluted water related disease and lack of basic sanitation?
How many intelligent students will not go to school because they have to carry water instead?

As a mom and an educator, both of those questions make me shudder.

Clean water for every person on the planet is attainable and affordable. Water.org gives has so much information about the problem, and real ways to get involved. 

I'm not asking you to donate a ton of money towards the cause.

I just want you to be not ok with it either.

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TC Avey said...

I know many people who share this same passion with you. It's wonderful that God places different care's on people's hearts to help others.
We are all God's instruments in carrying out his work. Thank you for raising the awareness on this vital issue.


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