Thou shall not judge thyself.

As I prepared my family to meet up with a friend the other day, I found myself making a list of all the faults I needed to point out.

 - My son is the dirtiest child on the planet. I can't figure out how I have three relatively clean children and one scumball. Think Pigpen from Charlie Brown.

- My daughter's clothes don't really match. 

- While we're on the topic, my other daughter has wild hair. Like crazed maniac hair.

Am I the only one who does this?

Like pointing out our faults to you makes our imperfections ok. As long as you know - that we know - we aren't perfect, life is good. 

And don't sneer at me, friend of mine who shall remain nameless because she needed to point out all the places on her carpet the dog chewed on last time I came over.

Like we care. We came to your house to see you. Not your carpet. Ok, it is kind of funny. But if you hadn't pointed it out we wouldn't have noticed.

My friends invited us to the park to play together. Not for a fashion parade. It's ok to wear not matching dirty clothes to play in the dirt. Isn't it?

Why do we do this? Is it our insecurity? Fear of others judgement?

I'd just like to take this moment to say that I am not judging you. I don't care if your house is cluttered, or if your kid didn't brush his teeth. In fact I like knowing that your life isn't perfect either.

I don't want you to feel insecure about all your faults. I want you to be real. Let's make a deal, k? I'll stop pointing out whats wrong with me, if you stop pointing out what's wrong with you. We'll both know - that the other person knows - that no one is judging anyone.


Positively Alene said...

Beautiful and so true. We easily can spot those negative wrongs. Choosing to look for the positive is such a habit to incorporate. But one that will make our days brighter, as well as lift others souls. Blessings.

Kathy said...

We used to have weekly(?) dinners with another family and the rule was that we wouldn't clean for each other. We knew it wouldn't happen if we felt we had to have the house clean, because, with young kids, it didn't get done. So, we accepted our imperfect homes to celebrate friendship. It was awesome! --Kathy

Julie said...

It is like the best offense is a good defense. I feel like they are going to see it anyway - name the elephant in the room and the gossip potential lessens!Crazy I know.


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