Look who I found...

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that the girls are spending their summer with Grandma Peterson this year. It was hard for me to send them away for eight weeks, but every time I hear from them they are having the time of their lives and I'm so thrilled that they had the opportunity to have such an adventure.

The other day I shared a bit about the passing of Jory's grandfather. Because of his passing we ended up taking an unexpected trip out to the ranch for the funeral. As much as I wanted to go be supportive for those who were grieving, I really really just wanted to hold my babies.

Aren't they cute?

Trust me when I say I sucked up every last second with those two little cuddle bugs. They were so full of sunshine and sugar. They had 4 weeks of hugs saved  up for me and I savored every last one of them.

Love those girlies. So glad Grandma gets to enjoy them for a bit longer.

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Sue Witmer said...

Beautiful girls, Elissa!!!


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