Things you never thought you'd learn at VBS

We've learned a ton at Bible school this week. We've learned all the normal stuff about God and Heaven and all that stuff that was the same as last year. We learned the latest round of Bible school songs, which yes, are just as annoying as last years songs. Shh. Don't tell the music ladies I said that, they'll throw me in the pool.


We did learn a few unconventional lessons this year. Annie learned how to volunteer. Or snarf extra snacks from the kitchen, candy from the welcome center, chat with all the other volunteers, make a  cute name tag, and spin in the office chairs. Lets be honest, that's why we all volunteer, right?

Louisa learned never to headbutt Mommy while wearing a viking helmet. Ouch.

And Max, well... he learned nuffin. It's a good thing he's so darned cute.

Oh, by the way! Today's the last day to enter to win one of my extra copies of the book Risk. Go here to check out the details!

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