Celebrating you, part 1

This week my twin daughters turned nine. Well one turned nine, and the other decided she'd rather stay eight. So there you go. Don't think about that one too hard.
girls 9 year (3)
So to celebrate, I thought it only fitting to share a little about each girl and celebrate who they are becoming. 

Since Annie is three minutes older than her sister, and she won the arm wrestling contest, she gets to go first. 

Annie is the quiet hero of this house. She makes my life possible on so many levels. She cooks, cleans, and loves to dust. No, she is not for sale. Or rent. There was a day a few weeks back where she made me breakfast, lunch and dinner. Best kid ever. I know.  

I love that one minute she's making waffles from scratch like a proper domestic diva, and the next minute in the middle of a rough and tumble brawl with her brothers.  

I love that she has a perfect spot on British accent. I have no idea where it came from, or how she managed to nail it so perfectly. 

Mostly what I love, love, love about her is that she would take a bullet for her sister any day of the week. She is fiercely loyal to her twin and will do whatever it takes to keep her sister healthy and happy. girls 9 year (18)

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