New Year, same hope

On this bright dawn of a new year it's easy to spout a long list of "I will's" for my next year.

I will take more time for myself
I will accomplish xyz...

But everything in me revolts at the idea of changing my behavior because I changed a the page on my calendar. I learned long ago that God doesn't care so much about what I do, but mostly He just wants me to work on improving who I am.

So with that in mind, we're going to officially drop the notion that New Years means improving my preformance in the ways and activities I choose to define myself. Today I announce that I'm done doing, it's time to start being. It's time to stop freaking out because I didn't do X and don't have Y. It's time to stop doing and start being. I really need to work on being the child of God I claim to be. Here are a few gems that I've come up with over the last few years that help me remember how to be who I want to be. If  you don't mind I'm just going to recycle them again this year:

I want to see the world as Christ sees it, and act accordingly
I want to live a life rich in being, not rich in having
I want to invest in people, not in posessions

But mostly I just want to remember who I am and that God doesn't care what I do.

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