Not just a little special...

So it's spring break in my house, and normally that would be a cause for celebration. Parenting a special needs kid has taught me that a break in the normal routine is never a cause for celebration. Oy.

The majority of my last few days have been spent trying to convince my youngest child that the world is not going to end because he didn't going to school today. I'm still trying to navigate the delicate balance between keeping my colicky 9 year old engaged at all times while turning a blind eye to the clutter that's piling up around the periphery.

The biggest part of the battle is keeping my emotions in check. Aggrivation, impatience, selfishness and a score of other emotions that remind me that my love is imperfect. It is so easy to see what is going wrong with my week.

But as I find a moment to shuffle the papers around on my desk I find a little note under some clutter. On that note, scrawled in my sweet daughter's imperfect 9 year old hand that reads:

You are very special to me, Love your Annabel 

Well then. How does one argue with that? My imperfectly grumpy self is not just a little special, but very special in my daughter's eyes.

And for a few moments I lock myself in the bathroom with that sweet little scrap of paper and I indulge in a few quiet moments to contemplate how much more special my Creator thinks I am.

Thank you Jesus for the reminder. 

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Momma Jen said...

love it! What a sweet reminder of how valuable we are - not only in our children's eyes, but in the eyes of our Creator.


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