11 times around the sun

Dear Alex
As your birthday approaches and I sit to write the yearly birthday letter I think back to the adventures you’ve had without me this summer. Camping with one group of friends, serving with another. Both groups of friends extended you the opportunity for growth, and you reached out to accept the life lessons they had for you with vengeance.
Hearing the stories your leaders shared with me, hearing the stories you had for me, all I can do is look at you and think, “who is this fine young man living under my roof, and what happened to the ornery stinker who was here yesterday?”
On the eve of your eleventh birthday I look at who you are becoming and I smile.

You are every parents dream child. Beyond being the easy compliant kid, you are hard working, caring, reliable, and goofy as all get out. I wish I had 10 of you. I think we all do.
This planet needs more people like you. More people who jump at the opportunity to lend a hand, no matter the task. More people who are willing to sacrifice a few moments from their own agenda to help even when there’s nothing in it for you. More people who seek wisdom and purity as earnestly as you.
Although your dad and I have secret dreams of locking you under the stairs so no one else can have you, we both know that God has a different plan for your life. As you approach young adulthood, you also approach a time when you will have an enormous impact on this world.

Don’t silence that voice in your head that says you can’t challenge status quo. You can. You should. Did you hear me when I said the world needs more people like you? Stand up. Be heard. Your friends need to hear what you have to say. There are many people who need to hear what you have to say.
So my advice for you on the eve of your birthday sounds much more simple than it really is, but here it is anyway. Be bold.
That’s it.
You are such a people pleaser. A gentle wind. You’re never the one who rocks the boat.
It’s time to learn how.
Rock the boat. Stop being a people pleaser, and start being a Jesus pleaser. Stand up for what is right, no matter what the people around you think. There is so much about you that Jesus loves, and wants you to share with the world. You aren’t doing anyone any favors by trying to ignoring the injustice you see for the sake of keeping the peace.
Love you dude. Can I getta head bonk?

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Aleta said...

What a beautiful post. I pray my son will grow up to be like that!


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