and the winner is...

Don't you just love giveaway days?

I do! They make me want to dance. But then my kids all roll their eyes at me like this. Did you see it? That was me impersonating my children rolling their eyes.

Ok whatever. We all know it doesn't matter what I write here, because you're just skimming to see if you were the winner.

I could totally say poop and you'd never notice.

See, you didn't notice.

Alright. Enough nonsense.

On to the winner.

If I must.

According to our handy dandy random number generator our winner is:

Which is:

Sarah JB, who has honestly entered every single giveaway I think I've ever offered! Yippee! email me your address so I can get this book in the mail!

And for those of you who didn't win I have a runner up prize. How about a free excerpt from the book just to wet your appetite. Now don't go thinking this download is like a half a devotion and a memory verse. Shame on you. You should know better by now. My friends at AIO are surprisingly generous with their freebies. There's enough in this freebie to keep your kids busy for a week. I promise!

Go get it here!

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