Brave Mamas don't do paper snowflakes

Many of you have heard the story of how God prepared my heart for international adoption. But for those of you who haven’t heard this tale yet, I’d like to share a few words with you briefly about how God challenged my comfortable status quo as he prepared Max and I simultaneously to enter our new roles as mother and son.

Like many young fresh faced women starting out in life I had a road map to life. Written in my teenage years it looked like this:
Go to college, get the degree, find the man, have the babies, win the mother of the year award. You know, the prize for women who home school, help run the children's ministry, and have a loaf of fresh bread on the table every night.
And it worked. Sort of.
Three years ago I had an awesome life. Sufficient income, sufficient housing, and a loving family. My three beautiful, sweet, well mannered children were the envy of all the moms at playgroup.
And it was awesome. Really awesome. But as we all know, what we think will be awesome is never really as awesome as we assume it will be.  My life was a bit of a cakewalk, and I wasn't hungry for cake. I wanted the dirty, gritty raw emotion that came from bravely following Christ without abandon. And making paper snowflakes with my kids wasn't really doing it for me.
I'll bet you're wondering how this story plays out, right? How I went from being a slightly spoiled mother of three to a rather threadbare mother of four...

You'll have to read the rest here

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