Donning the super mom cape

The other day I was sitting right here, click clackin away on the computer when the lovely and talented Ms. Donna calls from Max's school.

Super Awesome Ms. Donna: Hello, are you aware that there was no lunch packed in Max's backpack today?


Me: Ohhhhhhhhhhh crap.

Now, as a little side note, you may or may not know that my youngest baby has food related anxiety. Which probably comes from not having a reliable food source before his seventh birthday. Go figure.

Ms Donna chuckles in her knowing way before offering a handful of perfectly do-able solutions that would save me the trip across town to right the situation. Solutions that would work just fine for my other children, and probably most of the children in the center, who wouldn't blink an eye when a happy meal mysteriously appeared in place of a cheerful red thermal lunch bag.

But not my baby.

In the back of my little boy's mind. Underneath the daydreams about fast cars and Lego towers there is always the question who will take care of me when something tragic happens. Who will come to my rescue when there is no lunch in my back pack.

And all my fellow adoptive Mamas know the answer can not be my teacher will come to the rescue. No, sweet Jesus. We love you Ms. Donna, but I'm gonna hafta pull rank on this one. My baby needs me to put on my super-mama cape, and swoop in to save the day.

As I reflect on the situation, I decide to be grateful. Grateful for the momentary slip up that might have caused a moment of panic in my son's heart, but ultimately gave me a chance to be his hero. Grateful for the opportunity it offered me to answer that question that's always simmering in his subconscious.

My Mama will always take care of me.

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Aleta said...

Awwww, love that super hero mamma cape!


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