Struck blind in a parking lot, a true adoption story

As with most adoption tales, ours is filled with countless beautiful pictures of God’s intervention in our lives as He successfully moved Heaven and earth to put our youngest son in our home where he rightfully belonged.
This is the tale of the precise moment I received my call to adopt. Some of you may have already heard the story of the precise moment I knew Max was my child. But I'll go out on a limb and say most of you haven't.

So here's my story of being struck dumb in the church parking lot with the reality that my fourth child was standing right next to me and I didn't even know it. Enjoy.

My husband and I had always planned to adopt someday, and even in those early days when adoption was mostly just a theory, Russia was very much on our radar for some reason. Back when adoption was more of a theory than a reality for our family we figured it best to set those dreams aside until our biological kids were older. Maybe when the house was paid off. When we would have time and energy to breathe, to invest fully in a child who might need a bit more from his parents than these two distracted Jesus-loving sinners might have.

But you know what happens when you make a plan right?

Jesus laughs in your face. Loudly.  

As with most of my good stories, you'll have to read the rest of it on someone else's blog. A great big thank you to Suzanne of Surpassing Greatness for sharing one of our stories.    

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