Sometimes the answer is no. Get over it.

Today I'm sharing a post with you that I wrote for my fellow adoptive mama Erin Martin,who writes at God has answered...

My little boy, he’s a bit on the special needs side. A colorful social history from before he joined our family has created an odd mix of developmental delay, behavior issues, and just plain weirdness. But he makes my world pulse with life that I didn’t know existed before he came along. He brings such a picture of faith to my line of vision. And being the dork that I am, I feel the need to share such stories with you. Like this one.

So here’s the scene.

Mom and Max bopping along in the minivan on our way to school. Aka Max’s happy place. And the rather petite nine year old is the picture of calm in his little toddler safety seat, looking at a Calvin and Hobbes comic book.

Mom suddenly remembers that she hasn’t brushed her teeth yet (oops) and reaches down for her not so secret stash of mints.

The reality of which doesn’t escape the extremely observant boy in the back. Who also wants a mint.

But he hates these mints, and it usually takes him about 30 seconds of sucking to remember that truth.

There's a life lesson in this. I promise. But you'll have to go here to find that nugget of truth... 

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