The opposite of a rockstar

There’s a myth that has pervaded my heart for way too long. I’m ready to call my little myth out and make it accountable to the reality that it’s a very silly farcity. Here it is, ready?

If you work really really hard at something you will eventually succeed.

You’re offended. I can tell.

Now before you get all “you can’t say that, it’s un-American” on me, hear me out.

Ever try to give birth to a puppy?

This is what I’m saying. You can try really really hard. You can reach for the stars all you want. You can buy the American Idol dream that everyone was created to be a superstar.

But the reality of the situation is that sometimes you will fail. And if you’re like me, you’ll fail continuously.

So what then.

What happens when you put everything you have into a Christ honoring dream for yourself, and Jesus still says no. What happens when you pray your prophet sized prayers and fire isn’t cast down from Heaven on your behalf?

Now I’m not a theologian, I don’t have (much) of the Bible memorized. In fact I don’t always pay attention in church. Eek. I know. But I do like Jesus. A lot. And I really try to do a lot to make Him happy. So when the silence from heaven is deafening, it’s easy to take it personally.

And that’s where my problem starts.

I am constantly catching myself praying egocentric prayers. Under the guise of asking to be made more useful I hear my hidden agenda of make me more visible.

Use my talents to glorify yourself, but please let people notice (and reward) my efforts in the process.

It sounds so silly when I say it out loud, doesn’t it?

Who am I really trying to glorify here?

So as we struggle forward, continuing to pray our prophet sized prayers, let us be ever mindful of that secret hidden agenda we surely all have.

Let us try to do the work that God has set before us in the hopes that no one will notice. That glory will not be misdirected in our favor. That we won’t be the superstars.

Lord please don’t make me a superstar. My poor little egocentric heart can’t handle the attention.

1 comment:

Aleta said...

So much truth in your words. I'm guilty of the same. Thanks for helping me to refocus.


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