Community building with (In)courage

Disconnected, alone, discouraged.
These are the secret burdens I carry. As a stay at home, homeschooling Mama I wrestle with not having a lot of face to face contact with the outside world. I’m busy with the kids, the house, the erranding.

I’m plain busy and so are my friends. The reality of the situation is that the only day I really have for intentional community building socializing is on Sundays.
So what then.
My choices really are live without community, or turn to the internet to fill in that gap.
Now you know why I (like so many other stay at home moms) spend way too much time on Facebook. You could call it bored unproductivity if you want. I have felt that way a time or two.
But no.
This fall I’ve decided to raise the stakes. To stop looking at internet friendships as weird and reach out to other moms who are too busy with home and work to invest in a face to face community.
With four other women (I lovingly refer to them as my internet friends. Hi girls! Love to you!) we’ve pooled our efforts under the loving guidance of (In)courage to create a facebook community known as Threadbare Mommas.
My lovely girl Sarah put it so nicely in our group description:
For those mommas who are hanging on to Jesus while their knees are showing signs of wear from scrubbing, tying shoes, kissing away tears, begging for mercy. We are here to encourage you, pray, and laugh with each other!

Our group, Threadbare Mommas, is one of a collection of groups organized by (In)courage to help disconnected Mommas like myself find likeminded friends who are looking for people willing to dig in and invest in authentic community.
Group sign ups are open starting this morning. There are a handful of women looking to invest in you, why don't you say hello. 

Sarah also has some words to say about our group. Would you like to meet her?


Sarah Knepper said...

I am so honored to be joining with you and the other ladies on this journey of hope and encouragement. Love to you my friend!


Aleta said...

I believe in Internet friendships. We have this wonderful tool, the Internet, to connect us where in the past it wasn't available.

Renata said...

Hi Elissa
Visiting from your FB post on the Christian bloggers group! I really liked your intro ~ it made me smile:) I look forward to following along here!


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