Finding God in the mundane

I don’t imagine it would surprise you if I told you my life was a healthy balance between mundane and intense insanity. It doesn’t matter what phase of your life you are in, I imagine if we met up for coffee we could compare notes on the joy and pain that comes from the human experience.
The woes of putting up with people who don’t quite have their act together.
The moments that make us laugh at ourselves.
The stillness that makes us contemplate what on earth we’ve gotten ourselves into.
These and a million other sentiments congregate in our periphery, each clawing it’s way past the clutter, eager to get your attention. We aren’t that different you and I.
The work of your hands might be radically different than the work of mine. But I like to think that when I’m telling you my story, I’m rehashing a version of your story.
I deal with crazy people all day long, you do too? What a surprise.
I wish I was wiser, stronger, bolder and more interesting. I wish that I had a bigger piece of the pie. I wish that I didn’t care so much about that stupid pie that everyone else is fighting over.
I imagine in your own way, you do too.
I wish I was better at seeing God in the mundane-icity of life. At extracting the marrow from the life lessons I chew on.
I wish I was better at presenting my stories as a way of making you search for God in your own.
If God is in my mundane, then surely He’s in yours too. Chuckling at you as you figure it all out. Whispering sweet encouragements in your ear as you try really hard not to freak out.
Won’t you let God use your mundane-icity to teach you something, then in return share that lesson with us? Over the next few days a few of my bloggy friends have some stories to share with you about finding God in their version of the crazy. Consider this your invitation to share a few words about the topic with us yourself.

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Aleta said...

I look forward to reading more post about finding God in the mundane. We need daily reminders - finding God in the simplicity of life. For me, it's through the smiles and laughter of my baby.


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