Seeking influence over income

So we’re talking about transition lately, right? I shared with you the hidden truth that I’m a entering a phase of being a wanderer without a clear road map to my destination.
And every day I make a conscious choice to not freak out about not my blind stumblings.
Do you know how hard it is to not freak out when you can’t see where your feet are going?
At least 10 times a day a very silly end of the road solution pops into my head. Hey, I could go get a job and earn a pay check! Any pay check will do. Maybe I should be a greeter at Walmart. Or a professional burger flipper at Wendy’s. Those are perfectly respectable ways to invest my time and energy right?
And I can only imagine how much I amuse Jesus with my attempts to microwave the process towards finding my next phase of life. But no. He keeps whispering in my heart. We’ve already discussed the idea that you don’t need small children to feel like a productive member of society, well guess what. You don’t need a paycheck either.
Don’t panic. Trust me. There’s a plan.
I can be a productive member of society without a baby glued to my hip.
And I don’t need a paycheck from some mindless job to feel like I’m making a difference either. It would be nice if my next phase of life included some form of income, but really I’d rather feel like I was making a difference than just showing up to earn a check.
So no to Wendy’s. Which is probably a better choice for my waist line anyway.
Yes to a bit of more blind wandering. A bit more stumbling past options that are not even remotely what Jesus has planned.
Going through a period of blind stumbling? I’m so glad you’re here. Shall we stumble along together?

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