The fruit of a migraine

Like a large portion of Americans, I too suffer from migraines. Dizziness, nausea, and total head agony. Mine are hormonally based and intensified dramatically after giving birth to twin daughters.

The best part? They normally strike around 2 am, and my super awesome medicine that makes me want to sing and dance usually leaves me feeling totally wired for about 6 hours afterward.
In case you cared to know that little tidbit about me.
Now this is not the point where you offer me medical advice about changing up my life to help alleviate the pain, and blah blah. Because I’ll nod and smile and completely ignore your advice. I have no desire to put my feet in hot water with a bag of frozen peas on my neck or any other crazy home remedy. Especially at 3 am.
I have a secret. I like feeling completely jazzed at 3 am. In fact when the quiet rumblings begin around 9 pm I get a little giddy.
Quiet house, too dark to see the mess with the lights off, just me and Jesus. Hanging out.
I generally don’t tell people about what happens on these secret middle of the night dates with Jesus, because I imagine if I did, you’d be takin a closer look at that medicine bottle to see just what whack drugs I have in my system.
Lets just say, at 3 am when you’re wide awake with a screaming headache, Jesus talks if you’ll let Him.
And boy does He have stuff to say.
The scores of really profound blog posts that show up on this blog? About 90% of them are fruit of a middle of the night migraine.
Cause I’m not really that wise.
This post? Yeah, I’ve been up since 4am. He let me sleep in this time. But he told me it was time to tell you our secret.
Now you know.

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Aleta said...

For some reason I had an image of you dancing with Jesus :)


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