Adoption blogger carnival...

Today we have an exciting treat for you, I've opted to host an adoption blog carnival with some of my fabulous adoptive blogger Mama pals. You may recognize a few of them as old friends who've shared their wisdom with you before.


International adoption usually includes both a new family and a big move to a new country in one fell swoop.  In Kim Smith from Asia Ramblin's case those events were separated by a year, and gave us a heartbreaking look into the fear of abandonment that she still battles.

Becky Wenrich shares a few thoughts with us about with whether or not open adoption ever gets easier in her post on Wenrich Family Adoption: Becoming a Family of 4.

The authors at Ordinary time share with us a few words that I totally get about how clutter in our homes affects our children from hard places.


Suzanne Meledeo from Surpassing Greatness helps us consider how some children feel being ripped from all they have ever known for a whole new life. More adventures with special needs adoptions

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