Mealtime devotions with AIO and a FREEBIE!

My lovely friends at Focus on the Family have done it again! This time they’ve sent me their newest family devotion, AIO’s Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions: The Second Helping.
This little gem has 90 family devotions. Each little devotion has a prayer, an “appetizer” a “main course” and a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. So clever. How fun to do over the course of a meal or at snack time.
What we loved: Anyone familiar with anything produced by Adventures in Odyssey knows that these people always put out quality Bible based products. This one was another solid win for AIO. Also, I loved the fact that they were simple enough to do with my boy who’s developmental age is 5, but had enough meat and potatoes for my 11 year old to chew on. And they were quick, each one took our family about 5 minutes.
And you know why I love these people the most? Because they’re so quick with the freebies. I've got a weeks worth of devotions from this book to share with you. Because I like you. Check it out here.

Please Note: We received this book for review purposes. As always, our opinions are 100% our own

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