bad mommy day

Ever just feel like a bad mom? Today I’m having a bad mom day. This is what happened before 9:00 this morning:
Annie found an empty mug and proceeded to lick out the contents. Yuck? My girls have a sixth sense about empty food containers. Even if I think they’re in a safe location, the girls will find them and lick them clean for me. Getting the contents all over their faces in the process. Where did they learn to do that?
Louisa found a box of fibers/ribbons and a box of letter stamps and proceeded to decorate my floor with them. Gee thanks.
I won’t mention the fact that I’ve had a box of paperclips littering my floor for 3 days now. The girls are forever sticking them in their mouths. I’m surprised no one has choked on one yet.

1 comment:

jessi said...

Yes! Almost at least once a day!!!


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