I love this job

I know I have complained about how hard it is to be a SAHM to my crew. But I really do like it. This morning the girls climbed up in bed with me and we all cuddled for a few minutes before I got up to make breakfast.

Love that.

Also this morning alex has been walking around with a bucket on his head. He’s totally cracking me up! Every time he runs into something he apologizes. So I’m washing dishes and I keep hearing “excuse me refrigerator… excuse me chair… I’m sorry door…” Too funny!

Thanks for the laugh munchkin.

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aunt megan said...

here's a cute little boy wearing a hat story: my friend nikki has a son around alex's age whose daddy has a motorcycle. Well nicholas decided to wear his dad's motorcycle helmet one day, and couldn't see a thing. He would walk around bumping into everything, and if you listened closely, you would hear the cutest tiny giggle coming out from under the gigantic helmet.


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