Construction = excitement

Or it does in our house anyway.

This is what I saw when I looked out my window this morning. They are laying the pipes that are necessary for us to have city water. If you know me you’ve probably heard my tales of woe regarding my water. Our water is so bad that we’ve killed two water softeners in two years. The amount of crud in our water overwhelms the water softeners and they just die. The rust in our water ruins every thing it touches: clothing, showers, sinks, toilets… we even have a streak of rust running down our driveway from where jory left the hose running for too long.
So you can understand my excitement. My son is also extremely excited about the construction equipment in his yard. Not because he’s excited to be rid of the vile water, but because he’s a two year old boy. He’s totally in little boy heaven, watching all this heavy machinery. It’ll be a sad day when the crews move on to their next assignment.

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.:liza:. said...

First, whoo hoo for good water! I lived on well water for 2 years & when I moved out, I just threw all the dishes, pots & clothes in the trash, it ruins everything!!

And how cool that Alex gets to watch that!! He must be so excited! Emma watched them knock down a house across from the daycare & talked about it for a week afterwards!


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