Going deeper

I wanna go deeper
But I don’t know how to swim,
I wanna be meeker,
But have you seen this old earth
I wanna fly higher,
but these old arms won’t take me there
I wanna be… I wanna be…
Deeper, by Delirious

Going deeper. That’s the topic of the day.
Running farther
flying higher
doing what you do, only better.
What can you improve on? What are the areas that you need to pick up the pace on?

My own personal challenge this week to myself: pick something and go deeper. Don’t just think of a list of stuff that can be improved upon, but actually do it.

One of my many passions (the first one I thought of when these deep thoughts hit me like a brick wall) is my kids. I am a teacher through and through. Teacher first, mommy second (everything else is a distant third as far as I’m concerned). I’ve been teaching alex since well, he was born. I could rattle off an impressive list of skills this kid has and be done with it. Or I could go deeper. What other skills could we work on. How could I be a better teacher? How could I make a more suitable learning environment? What about the girls – just because they aren’t as “fun” to teach as Alex is, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be working on stuff. What exactly do you teach a 15 month old? (BTW I shirk the idea that just because they are babies, they can’t learn – it’s never to soon to start teaching)
There are other passions in my life, someday I’ll go deeper into them…

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Meg said...

we should get the boy playing a musical instrument says uncle bill


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